Þyrí Magnúsdóttir

Þyrí Magnúsdóttir

Þyrí works as an associate at OPUS Legal Services. She graduated as a Bachelor of Law from the University of Iceland in 2019 and will complete a master's degree in Law at the University of Iceland in 2021.


In 2020 Þyrí started working for the Ministry of Social Affairs writing abstracts as well as analysing the judgements of the Labour Court. Later that same year, in Autumn of 2020, Þyrí was hired at OPUS legal services as an associate. 


Þyrí passed her matriculation examination in 2012 from Menntaskólinn Hraðbraut. Following her graduation from upper secondary school she went to Barcelona, Spain to study at the Spanish language schooldon Quijote. From there she has a certificate of completion in level B1 with outstanding understanding.

Þyrí completed her bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Iceland in 2019, writing a thesis on European Law regarding the interaction between EFTA Court advisory opinions and infringement actions. Þyrí will complete her master's degree from the University of Iceland in 2021. She is writing her master thesis on international civil law.

Main areas of practice

Þyrí participated in Málflutningskeppni Orators, a moot court competition hosted by the University of Iceland Law Student Association. The competition, in which Þyrí took part, was held at the Supreme Court of Iceland in 2016. During her studies at the Faculty of Law, Þyrí has also taken an active part in volunteering at Orator free legal aid and is currently the managing director of said aid.