OPUS Legal Services founded on December 1st 2006 by Erlendur Thor Gunnarsson, Grimur Sigurdarson and Oddgeir Einarsson.  Borgar Thor Einarsson was member of the partners group from 2010 until 2014.  Flosi Hrafn Sigurðsson joind the partners group in 2014 and so did Bjarni Thor Sigurbjornsson in 2018. Grimur Sigurdarsson left the partners group in 2015. Three attorneys, an office manager and a system admistrator work alongside the partners. 

OPUS Legal Services provides legal services to individuals concerning traffic- and work related accidents, criminal cases and family- and inheritance cases. We have vast experience and knowledge in these fields. Our attorneys furthermore specialize in all areas of real estate law, emphasizing not only on Icelandic citizens, but providing legal services for non-Icelandic nationals. Our website, www.opus.is, is available in fourteen languages.

During the first years of practice, OPUS Legal Services primarily provided legal services for individuals. The emphasis has always been on a personal and reliable service for clients. We were the first Icelandic law firm to provide a 24 hour service for clients. As a result of the banking crisis our attorneys have provided legal services for individuals regarding financial difficulties. These include negotiating with creditorsand managing official payment mitigations.

In recent years, the clientele has increasingly been from the business sector and consequently special emphasis has been put on corporate and commercial law. OPUS Legal Services represent both Icelandic and foreign corporations, big and small. We have an extensive experience of banking- and finance, capital markets and corporate law. Our attorneys provide first class legal counseling on the legal framework concerning corporate restructuring, capital markets, banking, finance, corporate- and commercial law and rules regarding currency restrictions in Iceland.

In its first years of existence, OPUS Legal Services has established a reliable professional and operational foundation. Our aim is to provide clients with the best possible representation at all times.